Firestorm Contact Information

If you wish to say hello to the lady and i, please! do! we love making new friends!

If you have a suggestion for making part of the sight better, tell us, we will consider it!

If you have a idea for something new you would like to see here, let us know! we will think hard about it and talk with you about the possibility!

If you don't like our site for some reason, and you can tell us this without long preaching sessions (We both have our religion and beliefs, and like you, we're not changing them because someone else thinks we are wrong!), or by using rude crude and socially Unacceptable language, go ahead, though i doubt you'll get me to close the place out, we enjoy it, if you don't, please just delete the link, and leave us alone, why waste time on things you hate? use the time for something you like! eh?

but i will read almost anything sent to us as long as you respect that i and my lady have feelings too!

as we said on the home page, we're just getting started here so for now all I have for you is our Email Address:
Email us at Firestorm